Here at the Carroll Gardens Association, we celebrate the gardening of vegetables and herbs, and have recently introduced the allowance of all arts and crafts afficionados.  Gardening has much to do with arts and crafts.  They all take patience, hard discipline, and the absense of the need for immediate gratification.  Arts and Crafts are the mastery of the self in addition to the project being worked on.  This is why we celebrate this, for we celebrate ourselves.

gardens arts and craftsSome of us work with mason jars, canning vegetables and pressure cooking for longevity.  Some of us love to decorate apothecary jars, as shown here: www.myapothecaryjars.com, as gifts or as containers.  Others of us love to do knit, as shown here: www.knittinghelp.com, making blankets, hats, scarves, and more.  I’ve been trying to get into quilting so I can hang them on this and get ready for those cold winter evenings http://towelracked.com/heated-towel-racks/  There are so many options to master, and through this process we learn much about ourselves, and also enjoy the art of gift giving.

This whole “club” began when Carroll shared her pursuit and love of home gardening with her neighbor, Jennifer.  They banded together and grew enough food to share with all of us at church.  Bethany became interested in joining the group because she already was a phenom at growing herbs at home.  Now, we boast 10 members and 7 home gardens, plus much more interest in other arts and crafts like the paper punch.  Some members even use gardening as a meditative practice that helps them with their substance abuse recovery.  Gardening is like having your very own personal counselor!

How much more rich would your life be in the pursuit of a hobby, one that can be shared with your friends, family, and loved ones, either in the quest or in the result.  How would you like to create every single Christmas gift you give out this year?  Wouldn’t that be amazing?  You can make them to exact size, interest, and other specifications.  You can’t beat a gift like that, especially coming from a loved one.  Wouldn’t it be nice to sit the kids down and all learn how to make playdough together?

Imagine eating vegetables right from your own garden?  Squash, zucchini, watermelon, beans, and more you can eat, and you can jar them right into a mason jar and eat them in the off season as well.  You can feed your friends and families forever and for free.  How beautiful of a thing.

We urge you to start your own garden.  We urge you to find your own arts and crafts hobby.  Get involved with the community.  Start a club, or join ours from a distance as a distant member.  Have fun in your life and learn about yourself through the love of arts and crafts.  Please contact us with any amazing websites or magazines you find.  Give us suggestions, and we will write articles and link you to awesome websites we find.  Please keep returning to find more and more of our articles being posted.  Thanks, and enjoy.